World politics for beginners

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World politics for beginners

Athens Athens was where the first democratic practice emerged in history, a millennium before any other occurrences. Democracy in Athens lasted about years, and was held as one of the best practice in history. How had democracy managed to emerge in Athens? There are many records of the workings of Athenian democracy, including the governing system and the public assemblies.

On the other hand, the available information on how Athenian democracy came to be is limited, since the democratic era was preceded by the Dark Age of Greece, when little historical evidence is found, if not at all. But with the little information we have, this was how the Athenian democracy came to be.

C, the population of Athens was divided into two groups — the farmers and the landowners. This was quite similar to feudalism, where farmers paid their landowners with their products.

But soon, the subsistence produced just enough for food farmers became unable to pay their debt the landowners. The debt bondage forced the farmers to become possessions, or slaves, of the landowners. At that time, Athens was governed by the noble families, rotating and sharing power among them.

Three leaders, the archons, were chosen by their fellow nobles to govern the city. The archons would serve ten years in office and then sit on the Areopagus the parliament for life. But the system was replaced about one century later, when a prominent citizen named Solon was asked by nobles to write up the new governing system for their city.

Solon was not of any noble ancestry. However the nobles felt that Athens had fallen behind other wealthier cities and needed a change from the stagnant rule of the nobles. Solon divided the citizens of Athens into four classes — the wealthiest and the nobles the pentacosiomedimnitwo classes of those who own large properties the hippies and the zeugitaeand finally, the common citizens the thetes.

Every citizen of Athens was allowed to join the ekklesia, be they farmers, blacksmiths, or merchants. On the day of the assembly, which was every ten days, the Athenians would pause in their work and gather together in a vast amphitheater, large enough to contain thousands of citizens. In the front of the clearing sat the Council ofa group of citizen-elected leaders, while were also citizens themselves, who oversaw city operations and led the ekklesia.

Before the ekklesia began, a sacrifice would be made to the gods, as the Greeks believed their democratic process to be a divine gift.

After that, the ekklesia began.

Politics for Beginners

The topics of discussion had been prepared ahead of time by the Council of And in the assembly, the members would express their opinions through discussions and debates. All members would be allowed turns to speak their minds, and the debates were often very passionately.

While the conservations mostly remained respectful, they could occasionally get rowdy and chaotic. Then, to find the resolution to the discussion, all members of the ekklesia would vote either by hand-raising or dropping pebbles into designated boxes.

The results would later be recorded in the city archives.World Politics, founded in , is an internationally renowned quarterly journal of political science published in both print and online to contributions by scholars, World Politics invites submission of research articles that make theoretical and empirical contributions to the literature, and review articles bearing on problems in international .

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World politics for beginners

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