Using newspapers for historical research

Documents Project Using Newspapers as Primary Sources When historians study the past they utilize primary sources, materials written during the time period or by participants, to reconstruct the events that took place.

Using newspapers for historical research

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Here is a listing of those available with the words newspaper or newspapers in the title Digitized Historical Newspapers Available on the Web These two sites will help identify which newspaers are online and where they can be found -- but they won't find everything.

Historical Newspapers Online and You can use Elephind as a one-step search engine for a large number of -- but not all -- free historical newspapers online. Once the hits appear, you can narrow results by place and time frame. How to Use Chronicling America Part 2: Here is the explanation, with instructions on how to search the Archives.

Here is the list of newspapers that are in the now defunct Google project to archive historical newspapers. This YouTube video shows you how to find and use some free newspaper sites.

Genealogical Research in Newspapers

Find local projects These are some sites that provide links and information on what is available in the online collections. Use what you find there, but remember: Data is going on every hour of every day Joe Beine provides a listing of some of the major sites at his Historical Newspapers and Indexes on the Internet includes subscription and free.

United States Online Historical Newspapesr -- a directory to help you find projects that search and display digitized newspapers. ICON lists digitzation projects from around the world. But it does include a search engine, a listing of names and some interesting examples, so if you're game Many newspapers now archive their current issues on the web.

Using newspapers for historical research

Usually these are searchable. To find them, use the Internet Public Library's list of links to U. Often once you get to a newspaper, you will want to locate and search the full archives. And individuals are submitting transcribed data to NewspaperAbstracts. It is international in scope.

Ancestor Hunt's Newspapers page contains links to a number of articles about using newspapers and a state listing of newspapers available on the web -- both free and subscription.

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A very useful page! These databases are available only through library subscriptions.


Check to see if your library offers them. If not, see if a nearby large public or university library does. If so, you can use usually use the data bases in the library. Newspapers Gale Includes the scanned content of approximately U.

Godfrey Memorial includes this in their databases. Some of the earlier newspapers are available at large research libraries in a microform set, but of course they aren't fully searchable. The digital project is in 3 segments: Relatively little has been added beyond segement I, but content is growing.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers ProQuest It offers historical content of several big-city newspapersbut libraries can elect to subscribe only to specific newspapers, so not all libraries will have every choice. How to find what subscriptions your library might have. This might be tricky, because there is no standard way libraries convey this information.

The databases listed below offer personal subscriptions: Excellent search engine; excellent viewer. This article on recent improvements gives you an idea of how to use results display page. Features an interesting blog that you might enjoy.

I am very satisfied with my subscription to GenealogyBank. If only the quality matched the quantity! The quality of the scans is not great; newspapers are difficult, but these are not done as well as some others.However, as with all texts documenting the historical record, newspapers must be analyzed critically to create the clearest picture of the time period.

Several key considerations, or tests, exist for using newspapers as primary sources. Newspapers (historical and contemporary) are full of different kinds of information that can be used in many ways – for amusement or education, for example, but also for scientific research. Newspaper articles can provide a useful source of information, serving as a primary source of information about historical and current events.

Some of the benefits of using newspaper articles as primary sources include: Whether used as a primary or a secondary source, newspapers can provide a valuable research tool. For more information. An introduction to using newspapers for research.

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In addition to the Daily Utah Chronicle, several local and national daily papers are available for free to students Monday through Friday during the school year as part of the ASUU-sponsored Collegiate Readership Program, in boxes scattered around the campus.

At the west entrance of the Marriott . Sep 12,  · Historical newspapers are some of the best resources available for tracing the history of your home, street, town or county. In this exclusive webinar, Micha. Newspapers (historical and contemporary) are full of different kinds of information that can be used in many ways – for amusement or education, for example, but .

Genealogical Research in Newspapers