Tooth fairy writing paper

The tooth fairy was here!!! For some children, it may be a bit scary. Who is this fairy and what is she doing under my pillow???

Tooth fairy writing paper

You have to brush your teeth to have a pretty smile and a healthy body. It is important to teach your students the importance of dental hygiene. Here are some things I have done and some ideas I have heard about. Acid Attack Why do I have to brush my teeth is a common question asked by kids.

And of course we explain the reason why over and over again. Next time show your students why they have to brushing is so important. Show students a hard boiled egg.

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Ask them, "Why do you think there is a shell around the egg. Let the students respond.

Tooth fairy writing paper

Make sure they come to the conclusion that the hard shell protects the egg. Now give them you best smile and say, "See my teeth? Just like the egg my teeth are protected.

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Pour two cups of vinegar into a large jar. Have a student place the egg in the jar. Ask the students to predict what they think will happen to the egg.

Write the students response on a large piece of paper that will be hung in your room. When 2 days have passed, slowly and gently remove the egg from the jar.

Allow each student to look at the egg and compare their predictions with the results. Tell the class that the vinegar caused the shell of the egg to break down and become soft, the same way that tooth enamel is damaged by acid and bacteria in the mouth.

Brushing every day is the only way to keep this from happening. Hand out a large tooth for the children to write a sentence and draw a picture to illustrate why teeth brushing is important.

See ya, I am off to brush my teeth.

Tooth fairy writing paper

Mouth Model Three Dimensional Dentures A neat way to teach students about the placement of their teeth is to have them make a model. They will really enjoy this activity. After reviewing the different kinds of teeth, have the students make a the model.

Have the students color the strips pink. Now she glues the lima beans molars and the navy beans incisors and canine teeth along the bottom of each strip in the following order.

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Have the students then punch a hole above the molars at the end of both strips. Holding the strips so the teeth touch. Thread a length a yarn through the holes on one side of the mouth model and tie the top jar to the lower jaw; repeat this on the other side.

Now you have two sets of teeth. Make sure you try this once before showing the class how to do it! I Know My Mouth This activity will help your students understand the placement and uses of their teeth.The writing paper is small but not so small it can’t be written on, and is prettily decorated with flowers and leaves.


How to make a fairy letter Simply print out a copy of our Printable fairy letters and envelopes, then cut the individual pages out and write on them. CoscosX Baby Wooden Tooth Fairy Box Child Kids Tooth Keepsake Holder Organizer Souvenir Box (Square).

Lined Yellow Fairy Notepaper The notepaper above could be used by you to write noted from the fairies, or by your child to write notes to the fairies. Unsurprisingly, we find that these resources are more popular with girls.

Use this FREE writing paper for sentence writing, vocabulary, editing and assessment. Check the "Tooth Fairy" unit from Terry's Touch! Jun 27,  · So if it is late at night and you don't have the supplies necessary, don't worry about it, just grab that paper and pencil and make your tooth fairy letter.

Tiny letters for tiny teeth from the tiny tooth fairy!Reviews: Last month I shared my Tooth Fairy Pillows and Pattern.. Today I’m sharing my Tooth Fairy Stationery with you! When I was little the Tooth Fairy left me blue heart shaped notes every time with fancy writing and cute pictures showing how she had used my teeth to make jewelry (talented mom) I still have these:).

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