The expectations and reality of college life

Buying school supplies Expectation: You probably think that with every new school year comes a whole new set of pens, pencils and adorable notebooks, right? You know, the ones that you see all over Tumblr reblogged onto the studyblrs, or the colorful Kate Spade notepads that you keep repinning.

The expectations and reality of college life

Some common examples where this phrase comes into consideration: Bob thinks he is a great singer Reality: Satan is amongst us!

The expectations and reality of college life

Bob thinks that if he trained he could run a mile under 4 minutes Reality: Bob would pull a muscle in 10 feet and claim that the sun was in his eyes Perception: Bob thinks his hair color makes him look old Reality: See what I mean?

I worked in a very small firm — it might have just been just two of us back then. This situation frequently put me in front of clients and I thought I did a pretty good job handling it … until one day when my boss told me that we needed to have a chat.

Uhm, … we need to have a chat. How is that even possible!?

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That was a lesson I will never forget. Same restaurant, same waiter, same service — drastically different perceptions of the same reality.

The expectations and reality of college life

Think the tip will be the same? At some point, and in almost every conceivable customer service situation, there is no difference between perception and reality. What each person perceived might as well have been reality because they based their actions or reactions on their own experience of the event.College Expectations Versus Reality By Jacquie Butler in College Life on February 1, The anticipation of college is a process that most high school students go through.

The Guidelines to the Effortless Messy, Cute Sorority Style.

Freshman Year Of High School: Expectations Vs. Reality

Find this Pin and more on Preppy is a Way of Life by Jadelynn Brooke. How To Dress Like a Sorority Girl The sorority way of dressing has changed in recent years to a more comfortable and laid back style usually sported when going to college classes.

Back to School Expectations vs. Reality: College Edition By Bailee Abell • Campus Life August 17, at am Another summer has come and gone, and with the next academic year quickly approaching, we’re trying to figure out what this year of college will bring us. Feb 17,  · Life After College I'm just a small town girl with a love of learning and traveling the world.

One day I hope to be a teacher but until then this is my journey into .

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A day in the life of a real college student: Expectations vs. reality False expectations shouldn't be allowed to dictate or alter your college experience by Jillian Kazlow · Jul 27, Share Tweet.

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