Speaking different languages is the most

Karl Smallwood 8 comments Kyle asks: What is the record for the most languages spoken by a human?

Speaking different languages is the most

Speaking different languages is the most

The United States is a leader in international business and a country based on immigration, resulting in a dynamic country wherein English is the most widely spoken language but where French, Arabic, and Bengali all have many speakers as well.

Although the country has no official language, English is the most commonly spoken language within the United States, and the explanation for this is very simple. America, before gaining its independence, was a British colony.

The country therefore inherited much of its culture as well as language from the British. English is used in official platforms across most states, and almost the entirety of the population has basic knowledge regarding English language usage.

A Country of Immigrants Immigration has largely influenced the demographic patterns of the United States. Speaking different languages is the most predominant majority of US immigrants hail from neighboring Mexico and other Latin American countries. A large influx of Hispanic people has made Spanish the second most widely spoken language within the country, and the number is ever growing as Spanish-speaking influences are unlikely to lose ground anytime soon.

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With the latter, this can be attributed to being close to Cuba and receiving many immigrants from there and from elsewhere in the Caribbean. The Role of Media Technology has had a direct influence on the frequency and variety of languages being spoken in the United States.

This has increased with the high level of tech dominance that the country has come to enjoy in recent years. Tech companies, in a bid to keep up with a high level of global competition, have been forced to call in expatriates from other tech dominant nations. Most of these expatriates are from Asian countries where technology has been at the forefront of economic development for decades.

Many Asians have also moved into the US for other business purposes as well. German and Jewish Influences Though English and Spanish lead the pack of common languages spoken in the United Statestwo other interesting common languages are German and Hebrew.

There have been large numbers of German immigrants coming into America for centuries since the colonization of the New World.

Speaking Other Languages at Work

In fact, German-Americans are among the largest groups of ethnic identities present within the country, and the German influence in the United States can be heavily felt in places such as Chicago and the Dakotas.

Hebrew is also commonly spoken around the country, and this can be explained by the fact that the United States is also one of the countries with the highest Jewish populations outside Israel. The United States and Israel share very close political and economic ties, and this has contributed to a large influx of Israelis into the country.

Many Jews also immigrated to the US from Europe, especially in relation to the rise of Fascism and the events of World War II, along with other tragedies on the European continent during the 20th century.

Los Angeles and New York City are great examples of American cities with large Jewish populations today, with a preferred language of communication often being Hebrew.

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The Absence of Native American Languages Without question, the United States is highly multicultural as a country, due to having drawn so many people from all parts of the world to live and work within its shores.

But once cannot forget about the many Native American languages spoken by the original inhabitants of this area.Aug 14,  · The most universal, non-verbal way to greet others is a simple handshake or wave, particularly in the English speaking world.

However, other gestures such as various forms of bowing, embraces, or even applause are used as non-verbal greetings in other parts of the yunusemremert.com: M. Aug 10,  · While the most well-known unspoken language in the world may be American Sign Language (ASL), there are actually hundreds, if not thousands, of different types of sign languages around the globe.

Many of these have been created organically in small, mostly rural communities with exceptionally high rates of deafness. Why would Hindi be one of the top languages to learn in ? Hindi is the fourth most-spoken language in the world, with million native speakers.

India now has the 7th largest GDP in the world, and the world’s fastest-growing big economy. Jun 09,  · We have some figures of 50+ languages from past polyglots like Mezzofanti - but there is no way to prove them and indeed many reasons to doubt.

The person I know who is fluent in the most languages is Richard Simcott. He is very modest and usually resists attempts at . Here's one of the least interesting paragraphs you've ever read: "Last night I opened the front door to let the cat out.

It was such a beautiful night that I wandered down to the garden to get a breath of fresh air. Speaking different languages is natural and good for you in the way that running is natural and good for you: the more the better, but sometimes you get cramps or just wear yourself out.

Speaking different languages is the most

The source of most of those cramps for people who grew up monolingual will be your mother tongue.

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