Police stress essays

We die soon after retirement because of all the stresses and difficulties of our jobs.

Police stress essays

At night its long godlike finger of light penetrates our cabins and farmhouses. It has been so hard to sleep this last week. Even dreaming, it seems, is a crime on the ZAD. All territories that are inhabited by people who bridge the gap between dream and action have to be crushed before their hope begins to spread.

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A map of the common projects of the ZAD. Immo Klink The ZAD was initially set up as a protest against the building of a new airport for the city of Nantes, following a letter by residents distributed during a climate camp inwhich invited people to squat the land and buildings: Before the French state started to bulldoze our Police stress essays, there were 70 different living spaces and inhabitants nestled into this checkerboard landscape of forest, fields and wetlands.

Messy and bemusing, this beautifully imperfect utopia in resistance against an airport and its world has been supported by a radically diverse popular movement, bringing together tens of thousands of anarchists and farmers, unionists and naturalists, environmentalists and students, locals and revolutionaries of every flavor.

We are so tired, bruised and many badly injured. Medics have counted injuries so far. Lots due to the impact of rubber bullets, but most from the sharp metal and plastic shrapnel shot from the stun and concussion grenades whose explosions punctuate the spring symphony of birdsong.

A new website examining years of fire service history has been launched today (9 April) as part of plans to mark the centenary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU).. Visitors to the site will be able to explore the ways in which the union has contributed to the safety of both the public and firefighters through campaigns to introduce fire safety legislation . Why French police, in its biggest operation since May 68, is prepared to kill for Macron’s neoliberal nightmare — and how the ZAD fought back. Torture (from Latin tortus: to twist, to torment) is the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical or psychological suffering on someone by another as a punishment or in order to fulfill some desire of the torturer or force some action from the victim. Torture, by definition, is a knowing and intentional act; deeds which unknowingly or negligently inflict suffering or pain, without a.

Evictions begin, robocops invade the bocage. Local doctors have come in solidarity working with action medic crews, volunteer acupuncturists and healers of all sorts, and the comrades ambulance is parked outside.

The police have even Police stress essays ambulances leaving the zone with injured people in them, and when its the gendarmerie that evacuates seriously injured protesters from the area sometimes they have been abandoning them in the street far from the hospital or in one case in front of a psychiatric clinic.

The welcome centre of the zad. Now a field hospital.

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Here on the zone three activist field kitchens have come to feed us, architects have written a column deploring the destruction of unique forms of habitat signed by 50, people and locals have been offering storage for the safe-keeping of our belongings. A true culture of resistance has evolved in parallel with the ZAD over the years.

Not many people are psychologically or physically prepared to fight on the barricades, but thousands are ready to give material support in all its forms, and this is the foundation of any struggle that wants to win. Today has been one of the calmest since the start of the operation, and it felt like the springtime was really flowering, so we opened all the doors and windows of the house, letting the spring air push away the toxic fumes of teargas that still linger on our clothes.

It feels like there is a momentary lull. For the first time since the evictions, our collective all ate together, sitting in the sun at a long table surrounded by two dozen friends from across the world come to support us.

In the end this is the greatest crime we have committed on the ZAD: Two years before the abandonment of the airport project, the movement declared in a text entitled The Six Points for the Zad: Because There Will Be No Airport, that we would, via an entity that emerged from the movement, collectively look after these lands that we were saving from certain death by concrete.

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A few months before the abandonment the form that this entity took was the Assembly of Usages. A united delegation of eleven people made up from the NGOs, farmers, naturalists and occupiers of the zone attended the negotiations and did not flinch from the demand to set up a collective legal land structure, rather than return these lands to private property and agro-business as usual.

Police stress essays

In the s a similar legal structure was put in place following the victory of a mass movement against the expansion of a military base on the plateau of the Larzac in Southern France.

With this precedent in mind we provided a legally solid document for a global land contract, but it was ignored — no legal grounds were given, the refusal was entirely political. Three days later the evictions began. The battle lines were made clear: The battle of the ZAD is a battle for the future, one that we cannot lose.

The police begin their operation at 3. Everyone knows what to do, some run to offices filled with computers, others to the barricades, some to the pirate radio Radio Klaxon, which happens to squat the airwaves of Vinci motorway radio, ,7, the construction company that was going to build and run the airportothers start their medics shift.

Hundreds of police vans are taking over the two main roads that pass through the zone. One of the lanes where clashes take place regularly. The bocage with its intruders. Fighting on one of the lanes manages to stop the cops moving further west.

But elsewhere the bulldozers smash their way through some of the most beautiful cabins made of adobe and the wastes of the world that rose out of the the mud in the east of the zone.

Permaculture gardens and green houses are flattened, and they rip gashes in the forest.Police Brutality And The Police - Next, People don’t process or take in the truth. For example, in the case of Eric Garner, people bypass the part of Eric selling illegal cigarettes and all people hear is the Eric was put in a choke hold.

Private Police Forces. In Raleigh, N.C., employees of Capitol Special Police patrol apartment buildings, a bowling alley and nightclubs, stopping suspicious people, searching their cars and making arrests.

Nov 04,  · V ideo cameras have transformed how we view police killings. First, there was the horrifying homicide in July of Eric Garner, placed in a .

Why French police, in its biggest operation since May 68, is prepared to kill for Macron’s neoliberal nightmare — and how the ZAD fought back.

THE EFFECTS OF STRESS ON POLICE OFFICERS Not much good news here. The following is the text of a speech give by Dan Goldfarb to a group of union delegates on . A key argument that public-safety officials use to justify their absurdly high pension benefits –- i.e., “3 percent at 50” retirements that allow them to retire with 90 percent or more of their final year’s pay as early as age 50 -- is this: We die soon after retirement because of all the.

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