Pixim case study

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Pixim case study

The combination of Pixim case study performance hardware and software designs with wavelet compression, integrated onto the rugged LINUX platform delivers the ultimate in flexibility, reliability and ease of use.

Systems integrators and security Pixim case study are sought to support our continued international expansion programme. Our partner strategy, competent support and technology strengths are available to organisations that have a proven track record.

Please contact chrisw wavestore. Wavelet Technology and The Casino project The Great Aljarafe Casino is located in the city of Seville and occupies an area of almost 7, square metres, together with an extensive parking area. Officially opened in March the casino offers a range of leisure activities including bars, a nightclub and five restaurants.

The casino has 25 gaming tables where popular games such as black jack, poker and roulette are presented and an area with one hundred recreational machines. The Security Requirement The Casino invited potential suppliers to submit a proposal for the installation of a network of cameras and to record the video and audio continuously at 25 images per second, for a minimum period of 10 days.

The system was required to operate over a local area network, and permit upwards of eleven individual users to simultaneously access and view any live or archived data.

This legislation requires that all activity in the public areas and at the games tables is continuously recorded. In addition to which, the combined ability of Wavestore to record at high frame rates, to record and display high image quality and the ability to deliver synchronised audio were decisive factors in gaining the contract.

A network of 10 Wavestore digital video recorders was subsequently installed to record video data from analogue cameras simultaneously at 25 images per second, at 4 CIF resolution.


All activity the gaming tables are recorded at 25 pictures per second to provide detailed analysis of motion in the scene. The total storage capacity installed was 12TB of storage, provided in 10 rack mounted recorders which are located in a secure area and operated fully unattended. There are various control stations located around the casino, including one in each of three pit areas, one in each of the managers' offices, and one in the security control room.

Pit managers are associated with specific gaming tables, and are on hand to resolve a local dispute with the players, such as whose chip was placed on a specific number, or whether a card was dealt inadvertently by a croupier. The ability within Wavestore to instantly access specific video and synchronised audio data enables such disputes to be resolved decisively.

The Security personnel and pit managers are frequently required to locate archived images instantly from the extensive data storage arrays. In particular they rely upon the Wavestore for the ability to select and export still images of known gambling cheats or banned players who are observed in the casino.

Monitoring of the camera images is provided in two ways using PC terminals; either the standard Wavestore remote client software or Wavestore EVIS; a powerful user-configurable security management suite that provides a remote monitoring and control capability, combined with interactive maps with which untrained staff can operate the monitoring station.

Pixim case study

EVIS also provide a series of optional functions such as linking cameras to access control and alarm circuits to retain a video record of an adverse event. The casino specification required that the EVIS software be installed with a map of the casino floor in a grid format, such that when an area was selected, the associated PTZ camera would traverse to that area and display the live images.

The operator is then able to take control and zoom in onto the specific activity. The system also provides the user with the option to select a fixed or PTZ camera to monitor and record such selections. On the opening day of the casino there were several suspicious characters present within the casino, and the staff found it very easy to track these characters around the casino floor using the map application.

The Installer Andromica Video Systems was one of a number of installers to bid for the prestigious programme and was awarded the contract owing to their track record of offering premium good value solutions, and their skill in preparing a well structured solution.

The name Andromica has been recognised within the gaming and leisure industry since when the first cameras were installed at the London Playboy Club. Since then, the name has become synonymous with excellent design and installation of quality CCTV and access control equipment.Feb 18,  · Pixim's solutions are VGA-like resolutions (slightly larger), Aptina's is >1M-pixel.

And both are 1/3" format! I would be slightly concerned with Author: Vladimir Koifman. Sunex's IRCxx is an absorptive IR cut filter specifically sized for Pixim CMOS sensors.

Infrared cut-off filters are used with color CCD or CMOS imagers to products accurate color images. In case you have planning to buy it inside a lower price you need to to check the customer reviews & rates from several merchants. You will be glad to view how convenient this item could be, and you will feel good realizing that this VideoSecu WDR Zoom Infrared OSD CCTV Outdoor Surveillance Security Camera 1/3 Pixim DPS Sensor TVL Day.

Professor Burgelman is the Edmund W. Littlefield Professor of Management and the Executive Director of the Stanford Executive Program (SEP). He joined the Stanford Business School as an Assistant Professor in Pixim, Inc.

This fabless semiconductor company, incorporated in , offers another Two of the ventures in our study - Weave innovations and StubHub - followed this pattern. Our experience and case data suggest that all three drivers are important and need to.

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