P1 internet marketing and its roles

The Internet is a channel that businesses can use to advertise, connect with customers and make sales. The right Internet strategy can play a significant part in the successful marketing and sales of products.

P1 internet marketing and its roles

The two businesses I will be using in this letter is Asda and Mr Baker, because these are two successful businesses. Asda's is a British supermarket retailers with stores all over the UK. Furthermore, Mr Baker is a kosher bakery in a few different locations within London. They sell a variety of food containing; falafel, pizza, sushi, sandwiches, coffee etc.

The role of internet marketing is to make profit for the business and to increase the market coverage. By using the internet it introduces and aids the products and services to the internet. It also helps in marketing a product and helps to reshape or alter what businesses can do. Businesses that aim to make a profit intend to market their products through the internet, such as Asda as its a very successful and effective way of increasing a businesses income, awareness and the number of customers they receive.

When using internet marketing it is important to consider the marketing mix as this will really help to make the marketing strategies effective.

The marketing mix is made out of 4 P's: Product, Price, Promotion and Place and it helps to achieve the businesses marketing objectives and aims.

There are different pricing strategies that can be used to appropriately price a product or service; Penetration pricing is when a product or service gets set a price to gain market foothold. Destruction pricing is when a product or service gets a price set to drive other competitors out of the market, usually by pricing is cheaper.

Competitor pricing is when a product or service is priced based on their competition, Skimming is when a product or service is set at a high price because it is a unique product or service.

Discrimination pricing is when a product or service gets set at different prices depending on the customer they are. The third P is place which focuses on the location to buy the product or service. It includes looking at distribution and merchandising as this is important when locating a product or service.

Businesses that work in between manufacture and retailers are called intermediaries. Lastly, the final P is promotion which is where businesses try to bring products or services to the attention of the customers by doing promotional things such as offers, deals etc.

In the modern marketing world and the modern economy, they sell more services. Therefore, the extended marketing mix was introduced which includes 3 more P's: People, Processes and Physical evidence.

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The people side of this mix is at the centre of the service delivery. Processes look at the activities and processes that customers take part in during a service. For example, banks have attractive waiting rooms, they would look at how long do customers have to wait and do they have forms in the waiting rooms.

The physical evidence is where the service will be delivered and having evidence for the customers to judge for themselves. An example of this is Uber, they allow you to give reviews about your Uber journey which is useful for Uber as they can see how customers feel about the drivers and there journeys and what to improve from it etc.Unit12 P1 donderdag 18 maart Unit 12 P1.

P1 internet marketing and its roles

Unit 12, P1 This written report contains the assignments relating to P1. The scenario of P1: You are a business consultant and have a special interest in e-marketing. In this written report I have described what role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context.

The companies I have. Task 1 P1: Explain the key roles and responsibility of the marketing functions for Barclays To illustrate the roles and responsibility of the marketing first of all the functions of marketing must have to be discussed. A combination of marketing research, customer service, the development process of the product, promotion, advertisement as well as sales is called marketing in a short.

P1 Internet Marketing and its roles Essay Internet marketing consists of advertising on the internet to sell products through electronic commerce.

On top of advertising, web sites of organisations allow for products to be brought online faster and simpler which is why the electronic market has developed so well. Describe the role of internet marketing has within a modern marketing context. (P1) Marketing is the method of communicating that the price of a goods or services to customer, for expected selling.

UNIT 12 P1 Describe the role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context Dear whom it may concern, In this letter I will be addressing the impact the internet has on modern marketing within two businesses and how effective it is in getting the products .

An innovative idea can go a long way toward creating a successful small business. But ultimately, a company can't be profitable unless it can convince consumers to try its products.

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