Outline for a research paper on down syndrome

This results in several hallmark characteristics and acute cognitive affects. Some of the physical traits associated with the syndrome are a small body, especially head and ears, hypotonia, hands that are broad and short, epicanthal folds, abnormalities of the ear, and nasal bridges that are flat in shape. There are also several orofacial characteristics such as a protruding tongue that occurs as a secondary characteristic to having a small and narrow palate Saenz.

Outline for a research paper on down syndrome

The first rule of fishing is to put your hook in the water, because that is where the fish are. Chronic fatigue syndrome encompasses a depressed immune function. Your immune system is stronger when beta-carotene is adequately supplied by the diet.

And, not at all surprisingly, vitamin A deficiency weakens immune function. This means that supplements are virtually essential. Beta-carotene supplements in particular have been shown to strengthen the immune system by helping the body to build more helper T cells.

Alexander, M et al: The amount used in this well-controlled study was milligrams of beta-carotene per day. This is, theoretically at least, the equivalent ofI. American Journal of Epidemiology, December, Surely AIDS is the ultimate immune dysfunction. The body ideally can derive 10, I. The actual yield is almost certainly lower, however.

Studies using small amounts of beta carotene 20 mg or so are likely to show no benefit even though the "theoretical" yield would be over 30, I. The safest way to give Vitamin A is as beta-carotene, as the body will convert it into vitamin A as needed and overdose is automatically avoided.

Excessively large does of preformed, fish oil vitamin A may actually depress immune function; huge doses of beta-carotene do not appear to have that negative effect.

The very discovery of the B-vitamins is a story of fatigue itself. The disease "Beri-beri" means "I cannot, I cannot," relating to severe weakness and exhaustion.

This "incurable" condition was found to be simply a deficiency of thiamine B Eating whole brown rice, instead of polished white rice, was enough to effect a remarkable cure from fatigue which no drug on Earth could obtain.

Pellagra is niacin vitamin B-3 deficiency. Niacin deficiency results in among other things weakness and lassitude Williams, S. Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 7th Ed.

In your body, food must be broken down into simple molecules like glucose, and in your cells, energy must be released from glucose. A major part of this complex process is called the citric acid or Krebs cycle. This entire, elaborate energy-releasing pathway grinds to a complete halt without the B-complex vitamins.

Your body without enough B-vitamins is like a huge, rusty Ferris wheel without oil. The four B-vitamins most involved with our cellular energy cycle are thiamin, niacin, pantothenic acid and riboflavin.

Riboflavin is in all milk products, which cover a multitude of dietary sins for many of us. Pantothenic acid is found in all cells in all forms of life, so it cannot easily be avoided in food.

Scientific research indicates, over and over again, that B-complex and other vitamin deficiencies weaken immunity. This book is a valuable collection of nutrition research abstracts summaries. Nutritionists, dietitians and physicians often discount these findings by maintaining that vitamin deficiencies are extinct in our modern civilization.

For example, FDA has now actually deleted B-vitamin information from food nutrition labels because they perceive it to be unnecessary! Such opinion does not stand up to close examination of the scientific literature, which confirms widespread nutritional failings coast to coast.

Nor does it explain the large number of CFIDS patients who have taken large quantities of vitamin supplements and noticed remarkable improvements. It is common supplemental practice to include a B-complex vitamin with every meal. Even more frequent doses have been known to help more severe cases.

Very large doses of vitamin C have been successfully used to boost the immune system for 50 years.

Outline for a research paper on down syndrome

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