Nstp cwts community outreach program project proposal

Safety and Security - This area involves disaster preparedness during fire, earthquake or other calamity that needs immediate response from any trained civilians during emergency situations. Basic life saving seminar, fire drill and the like are some of these examples. Education - This area involves enhancement of institutional support materials and facilities for the community and school such as providing materials containing basic literacy skills for pre-schoolers, alternative learning system for out-of-school youths and adults, mathematics and science tutorials and extended services of skilled students.

Nstp cwts community outreach program project proposal

Title of the project: Raising Livelihood for the Blind Boundaries: Bago Aplaya, Davao City Recipient: Davao School for the Blind Location: Christian Society for the prevention of blindness and rehabilitation of blind incorporated affiliated with Hildeshiemer en Mission of Germany.

Nstp cwts community outreach program project proposal

Davao School and Rehabilitation Center for the visually impaired. At the end of the 25 hour NSTP02 project plan A1 students together with the school of the blind, students will be able to: Plant any vegetables that can help to sustain their daily needs; 2.

Maintain the school garden clean; 3. Harvest some of the plants; 4. Sell, market and join bazaars showcasing the products. Description of the Subject: Social Condition The Educational backgrounds of the students are in the moderate condition, thus needs little supervision and training to accomplish tasks.

Before, German supported them. But now because of the reason that the pioneering founders of the school where German and have died a long time ago. Nobody had supported the rehabilitation. They lack supplies for The needs. They figured out when we arrived. One of them said that She was the eldest of the siblings of the family.

Psycho-spiritual Condition Some of them were Catholic and some were Muslims.

Accepted Outreach Proposals

But even if they have different religions, they were still united by means of prayer. All of them have faith in God. They always pray that God may help them always.

The only thing that keeps them moving is God. They are very religious and have a strong Faith to God. This is in accordance with our 25 hours requirements of the mentioned subject.

Since the school was founded and funded through charity works, their education is free. Nonetheless, recently the original founder of the school died, caring behind the school. The Children of the founder has no intention of continuing the program leading to hard times for the school.

Most students come from families of poor and low income earners.The community development project which is described as a process of providing inputs over a limited period using the resources provided, activities are conducted and outputs generated, in order to achieve a previously defined impact and community development program which is more than one community development projects in a sector are made 5/5(7).

Community Extension Service is a program of the school that is capable to assist the less privileged community by helping them acquire greater control over their critical resources, easier access to basic services that the school could offer.

The Nstp Project Cesar (Community Extension Services through Action and Research. Documents Similar To SURVEY Questionnaire Impact of Nstp Projects. NSTP Midterm Exam. Uploaded by. lichelles. Csr Syllabus for Students.


Final Cwts Proposal. Uploaded /5(4). Mar 04,  · NSTP DOCUMENTATION BY: CATLEEN GLO R. MADAYAG A Narrative Report Entitled Documentation of our NSTP OUTREACH PROGRAM In partial fulfillment To the Requirements In National Service Training Program (CWTS) - refers to programs or activities contributory to the general welfare and the betterment of life .

Format of the NSTP-CWTS Detailed Project Proposal. Quezon City Polytechnic University San Bartolome, Quirini Highway, Novaliches Quezon City FORMAT OF THE NSTP-CWTS DETAILED PROJECT PROPOSAL 1. The Project Proposal should contain the following: I.

Project Title - Reflects main idea - Brief and Serves as abstract - Captures the essence of the project with impact - Facilitates . The Nstp Project Cesar (Community Extension Services through Action and Research. NSTP Module 6. PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR NSTP-CWTS.

SELFLESS LOVE GROUP BSA - 2B S.Y. NSTP Notes (Program Planning) Uploaded by.

Nstp cwts community outreach program project proposal

Ana Enriquez. Project Proposal (1) Uploaded by. John Paolo Peña/5(3).

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