How to write a brochure in microsoft word 2010

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How to write a brochure in microsoft word 2010

Need beautiful postcards ASAP? Check out our reviews of the best postcard printing services. They can be employed a number of different ways, either as invitations, leaflets or maximized business cards. Although primarily used for word processing, MS Word does have the capability of postcard creation.

These steps will guide you through the process of creating a postcard from a template. Create a new document. As you can see, there are several subcategories available. Customer reviews: Microsoft Publisher

There are also different sizes of cards available. I will be using a postcard template that is 4 inches by 6 inches. To open the chosen template, click on its thumbnail in the list and click the Download button under the preview in the sidebar.

A postcard is made of a front and back. The document you will be customizing is made of two sheets, one for each. You only have to worry about the actual content of the postcard. To do so, just click on the areas where you see the sample text and enter your own.

Right click on the text to edit the font, size and style. Select the default image by clicking on it and hit the backspace button to delete it. Adjust the placement and size of the image to fit the template.

How To: Make A Business Card In Microsoft Word 2010

Try different options in the Text Wrap panel. A good postcard uses striking visuals to create a distinct theme or personalityso choosing high-quality images that are relevant to the project is a must.

If you are creating a postcard for your company, you will want to use your own logo. Replacing the default logo is as simple as changing the other images.

how to write a brochure in microsoft word 2010

Select the default and hit backspace to delete it. As you did for the image in the previous step, you can adjust the placement and size of the logo and select different Text Wrap options to move the logo around with ease.

Having a logo with a transparent background is not a requirement because Word has a Remove Background feature. Templates are basically a combination of shapes, and all shape areas of the postcard are easily edited by double-clicking and choosing among the various available fills, outlines and special effects from the Format tab.

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Invoice Template is a great tool for everyone to generate professional looking invoices in minutes quickly and efficiently. Jun 05,  · This wikiHow teaches you how to create a brochure using Microsoft Word on both Windows and Mac computers.

Brochures are informative documents that can be folded into a compact format. Write Brochures. How to. Make a Travel Brochure. How to. Make a Pamphlet.


How to. Make Brochures. This version of How to Make Brochures on Microsoft Word 69%(76). Create and edit web-based documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Store documents online and access them from any computer. Microsoft - Report Writing I need to write a report with the help of 10 other people each having there own sections to write, eventually pulling them together to make one big report.

Apr 12,  · Creating brochures or fact sheets in Microsoft office is dead easy. In just a few minutes you can create awesome brochures and fact sheets .

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