Gov 312l exam 2 review

Only TCCN designations that are exact semester-hour equivalents of University courses are listed here. Introductory Physical Science I: Restricted to students outside the College of Natural Sciences. Inquiry laboratory approach to basic concepts of measurement, forces, motion, energy, temperature, and heat.

Gov 312l exam 2 review

Requirements for a Minor Total credits required for a minor in a foreign language vary with a student's high school preparation or language transferred from another college or university. A student with foreign language experience equivalent tomay obtain the minor by earning 12 credits at the upper-division level.

A student with no previous language experience, in order to earn a minor in one of the following languages, French, German, Russian or Spanish, must complete a minimum of 30 credits in that language, 12 of which must be at the upper-division level.

Gov 312l exam 2 review

In Business French, upper-division courses must include, and With prior approval, three of these credits may be in China-focused courses offered by other departments.

In German, upper-division courses must include,and In Japanese, the student must complete Jpns9 credits in Japanese literature, culture, or history courses of which 6 must be Japanese level or above. Three of the 9 credits may be Jpns and 3 may be from outside the department: In Spanish, upper-division courses must include and or To earn a minor in Latin the student must complete Lat and 9 credits in courses numbered and above.

To earn a minor in Greek the student must complete Grk and 9 credits in Greek numbered and above. R after the credit indicates the course may be repeated for credit to the maximum indicated after the R.

Foreign Languages and Literatures These courses are given in English for the general student body. They do not count as credit toward a B. Same as LS L. Deities and myths of the Greeks and Romans, with emphasis on those of most importance to Western literature and art. U Omnibus Variable cr. R University omnibus option for independent work.

U Special Topics Variable cr. R-6 Experimental offerings of visiting professors, experimental offerings of new courses or one-time offerings of current topics.

U Cooperative Education Experience Variable cr. Extended classroom experience which provides practical application of classroom learning during placements off campus. Prior approval must be obtained from the faculty supervisor and the Cooperative Education Office.

U Introduction to Japanese Culture 3 cr. The historical religious, artistic, literary and social developments in Japan from earliest times to the present. U L The German Cinema 3 cr. The development of the German film from its beginnings in down through the contemporary New German Cinema.

U H Germanic Mythology and Culture 3 cr. Same as LS H. Germanic culture and mythology from B. Topics include the Germanic pantheon, Germanic religious practices, Germanic migrations, and major literary masterpieces.

U The Epic 3 cr. R-6 Same as LS Reading, study and discussion of epic poems. Selections will vary from Western and non-Western traditions.

U Tragedy 3 cr. A study of the literary, artistic and philosophical dimensions of tragedy.As an overview course, the review of the pattern and progression of chemical addiction will connect treatment modalities and interventions from a theoretical perspective.

Students will be required to attend outside workshops or events. Review the complete Notice of Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Gender. The University's Commitment The University of Texas at Austin ("University") is committed to maintaining a learning environment that is free from discriminatory conduct based on gender.

Select 2 additional units of upper-division biology courses. Please see the additional requirements for teacher education candidates listed above for the B.A. in Biology, secondary teaching emphasis. BIOL L. HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY Pre-requisites or co-requisites are: Junior standing, a grade of C or better in a minimum of two – level biology courses, a grade of C or better in CHEM , a Science GPA of or higher, or permission of the instructor or Chair of the Department.

Students are required to take the ETS Biology II. final ex a m schedule Page 4 Wednesday, May 5, FINAL EXAMINATION SCHEDULE, SPRING SEMESTER WEDNESDAY, MAY 12 - SATURDAY, MAY 15 MONDAY, MAY 17 - TUESDAY, MAY 18 FINAL EXAM SCHEDULES ON. The petitions review process takes up to two weeks.

You will be notified of the petition decision through a Secure Academic Note (SAN). The staff in the Vick Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling is available to consult with you on any questions about core petitions you or your advisor may have.

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