Future trends hris

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Future trends hris

One of the most significant challenges facing human resource managers today is the justification of the costs associated with the purchase and implementation of HR Information systems.

Most organizations already have a policy of cost justifying any new technology, and today's tight economy dictates that this be done for every new investment of this nature.

The cost justification of HR software has always been a challenge as methods for quantifying the costs of personnel systems have only recently received much attention by executives and human resource practitioners.

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In comparison to financial and operational information systems, cost benefit analysis for HRIS' are recent and still quite rare. Today, however, this is changing; there is a growing realization that human resources cost money and that their inefficient use may lead to red ink on the corporate ledger.

However, few are able to make the link between their people costs and the corporate bottom line. In the following paper, we outline many of the bread and butter issues facing HR managers today. Each of these challenges can easily be addressed through the effective use of a Human Resource Information System.

The actual savings will vary depending upon the situation in your organization. Each scenario can be expanded to determine the actual cost savings by applying personal knowledge of your own situation. In the first scenario, the production of address labels is discussed.

If this activity normally takes two days for one resource to complete, then the direct savings will be the cost of that person's salary for two days. There may be indirect savings if, for example, a penalty can be avoided through the timely distribution of key corporate data using the address labels.

The issues addressed in this paper are some of the first that an organization will face as they implement their new system.

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As experience with the system grows, it will become clear that the HRIS is a powerful tool for assisting with many of the strategic issues facing the company. The HRIS will become an effective tool for dealing with a number of critical Human Resource Planning and Development issues which, in one way or another, will integrate and make use of many of the functions addressed in this paper.

Issues dealing with corporate strategy and human resource planning and development go beyond the scope of this paper. However, these matters must be kept in mind when selecting and implementing a new HR solution.

These major strategic issues will become more prominent as the company works with the new HR software and realize its full potential.

Therefore, it is essential that the system chosen to handle the basic issues also be capable of growing with the company to meet its future needs.

Address Labels This is a simple but very common and important application. Most organizations have accurate information regarding each employee, including his or her work or home address in paper files.

Such information may also be available in automated form in payroll files, but may not be accessible so that it can be used easily to identify different groups of employees, and to communicate with them for various purposes such as: Distributing surveys to assess employee attitudes to proposed changes: Communicating widely regarding employee recognition programmes; 3.

Advising affected employees about changes regarding administrative, or operational programmes; or 4. Saving money on postage by sending T4s to each individual's work address rather than to their homes.

Lists of Employees There are many reasons during the course of a year for managers at all levels to identify employees with specific characteristics, and to be able to produce tables of the numbers of individuals having these characteristics.

These lists should be simple to produce, but many organizations do not have the means of doing so quickly and accurately. Providing a record of all the employees reporting to a new manager; 2.

Future trends hris

Documenting all employees in Department A, age 60 and older listing name, job title, grade, age, length of service, as background information for a human resources planning exercise; 3.Cura HR: Buiding comprehensive human capital management strategies to fuel business growth. Making a Business Case for a new HRIS.

Article Summary - If you are looking to cost justify a new HRIS system or upgrade one, this article will prove very beneficial for those who are having problems receiving management approval for their much needed new HR yunusemremert.com article was created by Al Donran at yunusemremert.com One of the most significant challenges facing human resource managers today.

Future of HRIS. The Consultant: Look out!


each of these impacting the future of HR, and in turn, the future of HRIS. For a long time, "managing" HRIS has been synonymous with change is so rapid and all-consuming that linear projections of yesterday´s trends and issues aren´t even close to tomorrow´s realities.

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HR Future View. What will human resources look like a decade from now? But we decided to try again, given the importance of preparing for and benefiting from workforce trends ahead.

It also seems like a good time for constructing scenarios for the future, given the global economic upheaval that is forcing firms to wrestle with talent.

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