Filipino core values

What are Filipino values favorable to entrepreneurship? An entrepreneur's craving for personal satisfaction and success is his primary strength and that which will drive him to begin building a business.

Filipino core values

Save Mano po tradition in the Philippines The Filipino value system or Filipino values refers to the set of values or the value system that a majority of the Filipino have historically held important in their lives. This Philippine values system includes their own unique assemblage of consistent ideologiesmoral codesethical practicesetiquette and cultural and personal values that are promoted by their society.

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As with any society though, the values that an individual holds sacred can differ on the basis of religion, upbringing and other factors. As a general description, the distinct value system of Filipinos is rooted primarily in personal alliance systems, especially those based in kinship, obligation, friendship, religion particularly Christianity and commercial relationships.

The main sanction against diverging from these values are the concepts of "Hiya", roughly translated as 'a sense of shame', and "Amor propio" or 'self-esteem'. Caring about what others will think, say or do, are strong influences on social behavior among Filipinos.

Based on his linguistic analyses of Filipino value terms like loob Cebuano buothe concludes that Filipinos desire harmony, not only in interpersonal relationships, but also with nature and religion, while still remaining nondichotomous. Life experiences dictate the philosophy of the Filipino, augmented by other sources like proverbs, folk sayings, folk tales, and the like.

Landa Jocano identified two models of the Filipino value system. The first is the exogenous model or the foreign model, while the second is the indigenous model or the traditional model.

The foreign model is described to be a "legal and formal" model. The indigenous model is described as a "traditional and non-formal" model or guide but is deeply embedded in the subconscious of the Filipinos. An example of a foreign or exogenous influence is bureaucracy exhibited in the government of the Philippines.

These three values are considered branches from a single origin—the actual Core Value of the Filipino Personality—Kapwa. It means 'togetherness', and refers to community, or not doing things alone. Other notable key elements or motivations are optimism about the future, pessimism with regards to present situations and events, the concern and care for other people, the existence of friendship and friendliness, the habit of being hospitable, religious nature, respectfulness to self and others, respect for the female members of society, the fear of God, and abhorrence of acts of cheating and thievery.

In a larger picture, these values are grouped into general clusters or "macroclusters": It means treating others with respect and dignity as an equal, not someone below the individual. Family orientation The basic and most important unit of a Filipino's life is the family. Unlike in Western countries, young Filipinos who turn 18 are not expected to move out of their parents' home.

When a Filipino's parents are old and cannot take care of themselves, they are cared for in their children's homes and are very rarely brought by their children to Homes for the Aged. The practice of separating the elderly from the rest of the family, while common in Western countries, is often looked down upon in Filipino society.

Family lunches with the whole clan with up to 50 people, extending until the line of second cousins, are not unusual.

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The Filipino puts a great emphasis on the value of family and being close to one's family members. Joy and humor This famous trait is the ability of Filipinos to find humour in everything.

It sheds light on the optimism and positivity of Filipinos in whatever situation they are in so as to remain determined in going through struggles or challenges.

This allows the Filipino to adapt and be flexible in doing the tasks at times not bound to a particular schedule or timeframe. This allows them think on their feet and be creative in facing whatever challenge or task they have even when it is already right in front of them.

Faith and religiosity The Philippines is approximately 85 percent Christians mostly Roman Catholics10 percent Muslim, and 5 percent 'other' religions, including the Taoist-Buddhist religious beliefs of Chinese and the 'indigenous' animistic beliefs of some peoples in upland areas that resisted years of Spanish colonial rule.

This includes the numerous church holidays they observe, the customary and obligatory Sunday Mass, the individual's basis of their moral standpoints, the influence of the Church on the minds, actions, and opinions of the majority, importance of the Sacraments, praying at almost any possible time of the day, the extreme practices during Holy Week,[8] Ability to survive The Filipinos as a people who have been constantly under the rule of numerous powerful countries has over time, developed a sense of resourcefulness or the ability to survive with whatever they have.

They have the extraordinary ability to make something out of almost nothing. If a Filipino was given just a screwdriver, plastic bagseut, and some tape, he would still be able to build a bird tree, especially for the sake of survival, and provided that he be allowed to hunt for some needed surrounding material.

Filipinos are very determined and persevering in accomplishing whatever they set their minds to. Filipinos over the years have proven time and time again that they are a people with an industrious attitude.

Filipino Core Values Essay Sample

Sadly, this is seen by others as Filipinos being only useful as domestic helpers, working abroad to help their families in the country. It is everywhere wherever there are Filipinos. Both genders are expected to become responsible members of the family and their society.

Women in the Philippines are expected to become caring and nurturing mothers for their own children.The Council for the Restoration of Filipino Values (CRFV), a non-profit and non-government organization duly registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission, is an Accredited Learning and Development Institution (ALDI) by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) since Learn more about the vision, mission, & values of UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.


Filipino core values

"Shake the foundations." Seek knowledge/understand/think critically about roots of socioeconomic-political predicaments in our homeland; educate ourselves, expose lies/hidden truths and fight IGNORANCE of . Filipino Values Philippine Values is defined by the way of people live their life as an influence of one’s culture.

Philippines, having been an archipelago, has not become a hindrance towards having a single values system throughout the country. An etic approach was used to describe the values of Filipino adolescents and to show how pan-cultural comparisons using a values survey can complement emic approaches to studying values.

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