Coke brrr effect

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Coke brrr effect

A soft drink refreshes the body instantly. The magic of the fizz seems to soothe the nerves and the mind at such times. What is this drink? Coca Cola and Pepsi are such products that have been scrutinized by the environment and human rights department for inducing bad and unhealthy food products.

The brands are symbolic of all soft drinks that are nothing but sugar or artificially sweetened sodas with color. These versions claim to have no added sugar which can keep a check on the weight factor.

Teenagers and women, especially, have been reported to consume this product ever more than before. With a number of more companies coming up with similar products, the researches done by some of the universities seem to be undone. However, if you are reading this article be sure about certain facts before touching your lips to another can of Coca Cola or Pepsi.

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Harmful Effects of Drinking Coca Cola Coke or Pepsi The particulars mentioned here are merely the reproductions of the results concluded by some of the known universities around the world.

It has been observed that consumption of soft drinks must be checked as soon as possible. A glass of cold water can be less attractive but is much healthier and better choice in terms of survival. It is always better to prevent than to cure.

These products are invariably present within the sweetened soft drinks. Coca Cola and Pepsi have been under lawsuits in some of the developed countries against using Aspartame which causes several diseases.

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Children should be strictly restricted from consuming products with Aspartame. Furthermore, caffeine and sugar are very addictive leading to another set of diseases like diabetes and a life-long habit of inducing caffeine in the body.

The sweet sugar is definitely not the reason for a failing kidney but the artificial sweeteners are. Hence consuming Diet versions of Coca Cola or Pepsi have proved to produce more impairment than the sweet versions.

Coke brrr effect

A glass of warm water can speed up you metabolic rate but may taste awful after a workout session. A can of Coke can surely be tasty but it really decreases the metabolism and helps in destroying the fat burning enzymes in no time.

Thus a can of either Diet Coke or simple Coca Cola after a rigorous workout or busy day is strictly not advisable.

Obesity was never a major problem when Coca Cola or similar products were not introduced. But with an advent of these products, a major portion of the population is turning obese which includes children and teenagers. Obesity is the root of diseases that affect heart, lungs, and kidney.

Researches have also been proving that obesity may be a cause to trigger cancer cells. Similarly, patients with diabetes must never touch beverages like Coke or Pepsi since it increases level of sugar in blood by twofold. Non-diabetic persons should avoid these drinks in order to keep diabetes away.

The pH level of Coke or Pepsi is 3. This pH level decides the acidic nature of a liquid. Hence these beverages are acidic in nature and can dissolve bones and enamels very quickly. A research has shown that the cans of Coke or Pepsi are coated with such chemicals that may lead to reproduction problems with regular consumption.Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

COKE BRRR by MMJ Studio, via Behance. COKE BRRR. T - Coca Cola Brrr!

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by M - Typography Design. 3d Design Logo Design Type Design Typography Design Graphic juxtapose-place or deal with close together for contrasting effect. Coke Brrr campaign demonstrates the feeling you have when you drink an icy-cold Coca-Cola. You are so refreshed you can't help expressing the uplifting feeling, .

One of the examples is Coca-Cola ‘Brrr effect’ TV commercial is memorable due to its uniqueness of the “Brrr” sound effect that Pepsi cannot afford to imitate.

Cola-Cola also developed and changing catchy slogans over the years in their advertisements campaign. Brrr Coke commercial shown in the Philippines (cocacola, ).

(Illustration 7) and were inserted in a way that the viewer will not readily recognize that they come from versions of the advertisement from other. The brief to Ogilvy was to maintain the Brrr effect in a single, creative idea which stretches across both traditional and non-traditional channels, and which extends into key occasions.

May 06,  · Title: Brr Version: 60s Client: Coca Cola Produced by: Blah Blah Films -

6 Harmful Effects of Drinking Coca Cola (Coke) or Pepsi