Catering business plan in pakistan iman

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Catering business plan in pakistan iman

The distance from New Delhi to Shahjahanpur is slightly less than miles; a four-lane highway runs most of the way. Yet I can tell you from painful experience that the trip takes six or seven hours.

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For Indians, the choked highways constitute a colossal loss of productivity and a humiliating failure of infrastructure investment. I was heading to Shahjahanpur to hear Narendra Modi speak.

Modi is the charismatic prime ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party BJPwhich seems likely to win a plurality of votes in elections now being held, and thus to replace the Congress party in Delhi.

If anyone can get the bullock carts out of the way of the taxis, and release exasperated citizens from the tangle of bureaucracy and corruption, it is him.

Fortunately for me, Modi runs as late as most Indian politicians. I arrived in Shahjahanpur more than two hours after the rally was set to begin, and Modi had only just begun speaking. It was blazingly hot. The candidate was all but invisible on a distant stage framed in saffron, with saffron-coloured flags whipping in the hot breeze.

Modi used to sell tea at a railway station, and he never stops needling the Gandhis about their lofty status.

The day of the rally happened to be the birthday of B.

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Modi is a maestro of class resentment. Modi is an adroit fisherman in the sea of caste and community.

The BJP has traditionally drawn both leaders and voters from the upper castes; Modi is making a strong pitch for Dalits and other backward castes. That is traditional Indian politics.

But Modi is also doing something quite unusual.

catering business plan in pakistan iman

He has sought to turn the parliamentary contest into an individual race between himself and Rahul Gandhi, even though the latter has refused to promise that he would serve as prime minister if Congress formed the government. Modi is running, in effect, a one-sided presidential contest. What makes Modi so powerful a candidate is this convergence between personal narrative and policy achievement.

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He has raised himself; he has raised Gujarat. His critics claim that his record as chief minister over the last dozen years is largely an illusion, that Gujarat has catered to corporate interests while doing little for the poor.

But what about their anger? Modi was, of course, the chief minister when Gujarat experienced Hindu-Muslim riots that left at least 1, dead inand he is widely blamed for failing to intercede.

Modi appears to be taking the high road while leaving the low one to lesser figures. After the speech ended, I drove to the local BJP headquarters. There, I talked with a group of local officials and party volunteers. If Modi becomes prime minister, they say, the mask will fall away, revealing the autocratic Hindu nationalist beneath.Here are the 25 best small business ideas in Pakistan with small capital you can start today.

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catering business plan in pakistan iman

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