Carnival case study

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Carnival case study

Tim Wood October 07, 6: A Case Study in Learning From Failure Just 30 months ago, the cruise news that broke earlier today would have been unimaginable.

This is good news for the industry and great news for Carnival Cruise Line. More than 4, respondents agreed — Carnival is No. This is the beginning of the travel award season, it's just another plaudit. But when you zoom out to Feb.

The ship was on the third-day of a four-night itinerary from Galveston to the Western Caribbean. Air conditioning, lighting, water, food and even working toilets failed one by one before it was ultimately towed back to Mobile, Alabama.

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The perception then was that Carnival was OK with substandard, that company officials knew this ship was prone to fires, that the faulty generators were long overdue for maintenance. This after sister cruise line Costa suffered a fire aboard the Allegra in February It was a public relations nightmare, not only for Carnival but a perception problem for the entire industry.

The company owned the mistakes, and it started an internal audit and a long road back to earning the public trust. The arrival of the Breeze started a Fun Ships 2. The corporate staff enhanced their travel agent outreach efforts, creating communication channels that made the agent community feel as if they were being heard when it came to onboard changes and compensated better for selling the Carnival experience.

Carnival kept moving forward, creating the successful Carnival Live program, bringing well-known singers onboard for free shows. They recommitted themselves to cleanliness and safety and the results showed. We saw all the efforts in action, from the cleaning staff to the entertainment staff to the stewards, a "how can we make this trip magical?

The end result has been a turnaround rarely seen in any other economic sector, let alone in just 30 months.

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Their rivals have made great strides in earning that title. Cynics might say this award is just the result of a voting public with a short-term memory. But Carnival has owned its flawed past and executed an extensive plan to earn that label once again.

They have listened to their guests, worked in concert with the agent community and ultimately achieved in delivering a top-notch cruise experience.Cruise Line Industry: Carnival Case Study Cruise Line Industry: Carnival Case Study Current Situation A.

Financial Performance – The Company had a 26% market share of the cruise line industry. It’s gross profit margin increased by % from the previous year.

Carnival is using its assets e. is a platform for academics to share research papers. The case of Carnival Cruise Lines chronicles the company’s birth and development as it redefined the leisure cruise industry.

With a theme of “Fun Ships” and low pricing, Carnival appealed to a . The Case of Rio's Carnival Despite of the importance of the event for the city there is little detailed information on its impact on the city economy, culture and urban life.

Carnival case study

What Shoe Carnival marketers wanted was more value in the program. There was more to it than just increasing the number of participants. What the brand wanted was members whose loyalty could become a true business advantage to the company.

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