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Psyche, Classroom, and Community - Mike Heller: Teaching from the Spiritual Center - Stanford J. Essays in Friendly Pedagogy' is a clear-minded contribution to the conversation about ethical, authentic teaching. These authors speak from a place of deep integrity to the hearts of other educators, offering wisdom and insight about teaching from the best in ourselves to the best in our students.

Anne dalke and barbara sicherman on

In a compelling approach structured as theme and variations, Barbara Sicherman offers insightful profiles of a number of accomplished women born in America's Gilded Age who lost--and found--themselves in books, and worked out a new life purpose around them. Some women, like Edith and Alice Hamilton, M.

Carey Thomas, and Jane Addams, grew up in households filled with books, while less privileged women found alternative routes to expressive literacy. Wells relied mainly on institutions of their own creation, even as they sought to develop a literature of their own.

It is Sicherman's masterful contribution to show that however the skill of reading was acquired, under the right circumstances, adolescent reading was truly transformative in constructing female identity, stirring imaginations, and fostering ambition.

Anne dalke and barbara sicherman on

With Little Women's Jo March often serving as a youthful model of independence, girls and young women created communities of learning, imagination, and emotional connection around literary activities in ways that helped them imagine, and later attain, public identities.

Reading themselves into quest plots and into male as well as female roles, these young women went on to create an unparalleled record of achievement as intellectuals, educators, and social reformers.

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Sicherman's graceful study reveals the centrality of the era's culture of reading and sheds new light on these women's Progressive-Era careers.Anne has been a faculty member of Madison College (MATC) since , where she currently heads its ABA-approved Paralegal Program.

She serves on a number of College committees, and was instrumental in drafting the College’s Academic Integrity policy.

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Barbara Sicherman has gifted us with a treasure! This is an extraordinary book that explains, quite simply, how we got to be us: women who read across all our differences; beyond all barriers. Women like Jane Addams, Rose Cohen, Ida B. Wells who seek to understand deeply, learn profoundly, build community in mean and difficult times.

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